Monday, January 26, 2009

Panel Discussion: Scans From Thunderbolts, Hack/Slash, Black Lightning and More

Movie Moment - Street Fighter Turbo #3
Here, Mexicano street fighter El Fuerte knocks a frying pan on American Eagle's head, but the fight is resolved because the food is just that freakin' good (also, Native American pride).

We've got some major league Robert Rodriguez fans here at Gnerd, so we were quick to spot this Once Upon A Time In Mexico reference. In that movie, Johnny Depp kills a cook because his spin on this VERY SAME dish is just to damn good to exist.

Writer Ken Siu-Chong must be a Rodgriguez fan, but he's clearly never had the dish in question, cause it's actually spelled Puerco P-I-B-I-L, not P-E-P-I-L. BUSTED! Eh, it's all good ese! Here's the recipe for those of you playing at home, courtesy of the man himself.

Sexy Prezes, Sexy Lezes, Violence, and a Scary Looking Dog, after the jump...

Unnecessary Roughness - Black Lightning #2

This kid isn't like, a child rapist or anything. He's a small time dealer. And here's Black Lightning smashing his face into a window frame not once, but TWICE, before even asking him any questions! That's some Gitmo shit right there. Even Batman usually just hangs people upside down or something.

Project Runway Award - Thunderbolts #128
Whoa! Lookin good, Mister O! Last time we saw the Prez in the Marvel universe, he was looking like a big eared square. Now, he's rocking some sweet shades and even sweeter shading, courtesy of artist Roberto De La Torre. Now that's change I can believe in!

Character of the Week - Pooch, Hack/Slash #19
Ah, Pooch. Over the last year we've come to know and love this dumb, hateful, servile and self pitying little demon horse/dog. But before this issue, we have never understood his most endearing quality; loyalty. Pooch sacrifices himself to a demon asassin to protect his master, his master's friends, and even the other dogs at his master's kennel. He ends up frozen and dying alone on a rock, hoping only that when his master finds him, "he will pet the corpse of his loyal Pooch". Spoiler Alert: Pooch survives, but if he didn't, this would have been a tearjerker to rival this mess.

Beatdown of the Week - Black Lightning #2
Not so much a beatdown, but a single kick that takes out no less than FOUR GUYS!

Banana Randomizer Award for Achievement in WTF - Star Trek: Countdown #1
WHAT?! This is supposed to be a PREQUEL to the Star Trek movie, in which Kirk and co are like, 20-somethings. And here's Data as the CAPTAIN of the Enterprise? And is that Tasha Yar? What? What? Screw this. None of the real Enterprise crew was even in this piece of crap, it was all about some Romulans in their stupid bathrobes. Uch. Tie-Ins at their worst, right here.

Wait, What? - Hack/Slash #19

This is hot, but why has Margaret never kissed a girl before? I thought she was a lesbian. CASSIE is the one who has never kissed a girl before. No? Is this an editorial mistake, or did I miss something? Either way, hot.

Most Extreme Foreshortening - Thunderbolts #128
This is almost some cool Aeon Flux looking stuff going on here...but man she's got a big head.


bbishopp said...

I'm confused, what exactly is the panel of thunderbolts foreshadowing? It's just Black Widow hanging there, all spider-like.

bbishopp said...

Okay, I just realized that you're commenting on the perspective of the art making her head look enormous and not foreshadowing anything about the story.
On another note, does Obama seem a little out of character to anyone else?

Hunter said...


Still time to sign up for that class Ana...

T Scott said...

I personally liked the Star Trek prequel. I am assuming, of course, that it'll all make sense in an issue or so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments. And, Georgia was never a lesbian..she was a virgin, waiting for marriage to have sex. ;)

AHR said...

Hey T - I didn't really give the Trek prequel a very fair shot...I've never been too into the Romulans, and I was really disappointed that even though Kirk was on the cover, he wasn't in the book. I hate it when they do that >: O

AHR said...

Hey, thanks for checking out the site, TIM SEELEY! I guess I thought Georgia/Maggie was a lesbian because:

The part in #3 where she shyly asks if Cass is gay, and seems super eager to suggest that having sex would solve their predicament, until Elvis breaks it up. I could have sworn I even wrote this up in a past Panel Discussion, under the header of "Cockblock Award".

But I do tend to read into these things. Thanks for clarifying, and thanks for all the work that goes into producing one of my favorite comics on the stands!

Benetton said...