Monday, March 02, 2009

Panel Discussion: Scans From Runaways, Thunderbolts, Teen Titans and More

Product Placement Alert - RunawaysMarvel has been working the Wii into their books for a while now, but this is a great example of product placement that fits naturally into the world of the story and serves a purpose. Seeing the younger Runaways playing Wii Fit Snowboarding hammers home once again that these are just kids, despite being super-strong, from the past, and whatever else. Also it's really cute that Molly managed to find a pink cat-ear hat for her avatar.

Perfectly Symmetrical Violence Never Solved Anything - Street Fighter II: Turbo
Alternate title: Fearful Symmetry.

Most Tear-Jerking Reunion - Teen Titans
Okay so the art here has the characters looking a little gross and sickly, but they ARE in hell. Eddie's family has presumably been condemned to hell ever since he made his ill-advised deal with the devil over a year ago, and Eddie is such a sweet, dumb kid, the consequences of his mistake really broke my heart. But here, we see that his Aunt seems to be doing okay, and Eddie gets a chance to react like a real kid, instead of a stoic superhero. Of course this may be some sort of demon trick; this being DC no one can ever have a truly happy moment with family, but that aside, this was a satisfying payoff to a story set up ages ago.

Spookiest Display of Emotion - Wonder Woman

Damn, Donna! Whatever Wondie did, I'm sure it doesn't merit turning into a black hole of eyes and teeth.

Movie Moment - Thunderbolts

Scrappiest Team - Teen Titans
Wow, the Teen Titans have really fallen on hard times. One n00b, one depowered n00b, and the only vet is Wonder Girl. WONDER GIRL. Hey, they're not the JLA, but at least they're keeping a positive attitude. I wish the book would actually follow the exploits of these three for a while...I'm guessing it would involve a lot of hanging out at food courts. And why not? I would read that. I would. Unfortunately two less interesting characters join a few pages later, depriving us of the Beetle-Devil-Cassie team-up we've been waiting for. I'm blaming Dan DiDio.

Worst Acting - Justice Society of America
Yikes. I know it can be hard to act without eyebrows but...that is less a expression of nostalgia and warmth than it is a death's head rictus. If someone looked at me like that I would walk away from them.

Burn of the Week - Runaways
Three hits on YouTube! Now that's a burn.


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