Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Watchmocalypse Is Almost Upon Us!

Repent, fanboys! The time of the Watchpocalypse is at hand! The unfilmmable tome has been put forth to celluloid and we of this earth must bare the consequences.

The Geekanerd crew will be attending the midnight screening at the 34th Street Lowes in Manhattan - if you see a bunch of nerds not wearing costumes, that's us. I'm going in with measured expectations...the book is layered with meaning in ways the film will not be, but the film also has a chance to take a pass at interpreting difficult parts of the story that I've always found a little tough to buy. Snyder, "visionary" though he may be, has never struck me as a particularly insightful director, but if his contribution to the project was only the opening credit sequence, which I was lucky enough to see at New York Comic Con, he will have given Moore fans something to savor for all time. Here's hoping the rest of the film rises to that standard.

PS: That sweet graphic is by Das Chupa, it was his entry to the Art Jumble blog's current Watchmen Theme. Boy, speaking of Watchmen art, I really shudder to think of all the upcoming Watchmen fanart that will be based on the film cast. Oh well, as long as there's room on Deviant Art for stuff like this:

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