Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finally! The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom Explained!

Who doesn't love psuedo-science explaining the bizarre fantasies of our youth? One intrepid Kotaku reader (and Carnegie Mellon University student) decided to tackle one of the most scientifically absurd mythos' (mythoses? mythi? can that be made plural) in video game history: the wondrous and mysterious mushroom kingdom! Ooooh. Though only a few chapters of what is certainly to be a mighty tome of bizarre evolutionary missteps, creator Theyab seeks to explain some of the most ludicrous elements of typical kingdom plumber's toolbelt.

Anyway, below is the first chapter on the near-miraculous super mushroom (I appreciate the use of Dr. Mario viruses standing in as fungal bacterium). Do yourself a favor and check out the rest here. Now if someone could just explain the Tanooki suit!

via Kotaku

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