Sunday, May 03, 2009

Panel Discussion: Scans from Rasl, The Cabal, Runaways, and More

Every week Geekanerd throws their books in a scanner to bring you the best, worst, and weirdest panels from the week's comics. Moderate SPOILERS after the jump.

Project Runway Award - Ms. Marvel #38
Wow, Emma Frost. We all knew your original costume was purposefully sexy just grabbed it out of one of those sleazoid porn/lingerie stores on 8th avenue? Girl could have at least paid for it, it probably cost like $30 bucks. Stay classy, Marvel!

Most Horriffic Death - Rasl #4
Make sure to click this for the full effect. These saliors crewed a ship that was teleported as part of a millitary experiment. But every sci-fi geek knows if there's one kind of future-tech you don't want to mess with before it's ready, and that's teleportation. The guy in the middle panel is the most horrifying, with the majority of his head and face stuck in an iron beam. The guy behind him is so scared he turned into The Scream!

Movie Moment - Runaways #10
Even superheroes like to pretend that they're Jedi.

Most Irresponsible Use of Superpowers - Ms Marvel #38
As previously seen in other Dark Reign titles, now that the Avengers team is staffed entirely with villains, cops on the Superhero Cleanup Beat will have to get used to dealing with a lot more corpses.

Banana Randomizer Award for Achivement in WTF - Runaways #10
In comics, the whole dramatic premise of "magic" is anything can happen at literally any time. In this climactic scene, the villian manages to steal whatsername's powerful staff, when a heretofore undiscovered giant dragon EXPLODES OUT OF IT and eats him alive. Problem solved!

Best Acting - Dark Avengers #4
Usually we don't give out the best actor award for one panel, and we ESPECIALLY don't give it out to a character as photo referenced as the new Tommy Lee Osborn. BUT: I just love Norman's expression in this issue-ending panel. I've really enjoyed Osborn since he's been on anti-psychotics (OR IS HE), we've seen him in a lot of very desperate moments that are generally rare in mainstream supervillians. His palpable fear at seeing the Sentry alive and well after being killed for like the BILLIONTH TIME is a nice moment to end on.

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