Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

Your Geekanerd editors recently had a pretty contentious argument regarding Sue Storm and how she fits into Marvel's not-so-great track record of major female superheroes. I claimed she an example of how women on superteams are given the title of "the woman" as opposed to a personality, while Degan countered that she was the ultimate representation of parenthood in the Marvel U.

Low and behold, while looking for a Sue-As-Supermom graphic to use in this post, I came across an excellent article that explores both of our positions.

Via Fantastic Fangirls...

"Sue Storm is the perfect woman. Or at least, when she was created in 1961, when comic books were written for and by boys, she was the perfect woman. She looks like a Barbie doll: blond, blue-eyed, a figure to die for. She acts like a 1950’s Vassar girl: bright but the submissive caretaker, introduced to be sister, wife/lover/mother (Sue was introduced as Reed’s fiancĂ© and fiancĂ© promises marriage and motherhood, at least in 1961), and friend at once."


"As many mistakes as she has made over the years it is clear she loves her children. It is clear she wants what is best for her children, even if sometimes she cannot figure what it is (and as a parent, I understand that failing). And it is clear she would fight to her dying death and beyond for her children and for her family. She is a fiercely passionate mother and family woman. And it is important to note she is also a career woman, but her career is (literally) married to her family life. While it is not something most working mothers can emulate, it is something most working mothers can identify with and that is all but unique in the medium."

It's a great article that reconciles both sides of this debate, and well worth a read.

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Degan said...

w00t! Compromise! Happy Mother's Day to all you geek moms and all moms to geeks!