Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Impressive Fan Made Trailer for Green Lantern!

I generally tend to shy away from fan-made movie trailers... usually they're little more than cesspools of crappy after-effects work and poorly rendered 3D animation that carry with them the unappealing stench of private geekgasms... But this one genuinely impressed me. It wasn't until a good bit in that I was positive this was just a fan creation and not a slightly under budgeted movie production. User jaronpitts obviously spent alot of time picking the perfect footage to hijack and co-opt for his own sinister purposes. Granted, there are a few effects that don't quite jive with the footage and some of the members of the GL Corps look a bit... fan-made... but overall, you have to give the guy alot of credit. I also have to say, I'm totally down with his choice of Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan. I think that's a choice the nerd community could really get behind. You hear that Hollywood?


AHR said...

Wow. I hate hate hate fan trailers but I have to admit seeing those green glowie ring hand thingies gave me goosebumps.

T Scott said...

That . . . was really impressive!