Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Panel Discussion: Scans from Teen Titans #71, Ink #1, and Batman in Barcelona #1

Beatdown(s) of the Week/Burn of the Week - Ravager vs Wonder Girl and Bombshell, Teen Titans #71

Ravager is back at Titans Tower, and this time she's not taking any shit!

First of all we see a rare example of an EMOTIONAL beatdown...

BOOM! Guilt trip in yo FACE, Cassie! Who's the villain now, hmm?

Later on, Ravager manages to depower the treacherous Bombshell, and face kicking ensues!

Oh snap! Apparently depowering works on Amazonian Girl Gods too (???)! But nah, she ain't even worth it, so Rose just says "Tool" and walks out on those tools.

That, to borrow a word from the internet, is called OWNAGE.

The Ol' Alter-Ego Blues - Batman in Barcelona: Dragon's Knight #1
The Alter-Ego Blues is a phenomenon costumed heroes experience when people call their civilian-personas out for being lazy, irresponsible and generally uncaring. IRONYYY! But as far as I know, no one has EVER had the nerve to admonish Bruce by asking, "Would your parents be proud?" It is a GOOD THING this conversation was being held over the phone, because in Bruce's little "..." pause bubble, I imagine his face went from neutral to near-murderous psychopath with alarming distinction.

The Magic of Comics - Ink #1
Ink is by far the best Final Crisis: Aftermath book I've read, and it's made me an instant fan of penciller Fabrizio Fiorentino and colorist Michael DiMotta. These page compositions are fantastic; look at the balance in theses two ultra-widescreen panels. In the top panel, no space is wasted as the Tattooed Man conjures up a barbed wire panel, and in the panel below, that space is used to show the distance the wire has to travel, as well as the tension of how hard TM is pulling to knock one of the thugs right off their feet. The very subtle splash of blood on the thug's leg is a painful reminder or exactly what's going on here.

Later on, a gang killing is played out in five panels on one page, and each one expresses an important dramatic beat; the stab of the knife. The surprise. The realization. The literal gravity of the situation, as the blood drops into frame and the victim drops his bag. The finality of death. This is an amazingly poignant death for a character who is so insignificant in the larger scheme of the book. Take another look at his hands - the way they go from frozen in pain to limp is a sad and beautiful story all by itself.

20% Gratuity - Ms Marvel #39
Hey, 9-11. I see what you did there.

Best Use of a Repeated Panel - Ink #1
Just had to get another page from Ink in here. There are lots of great touches in this inventive and gory page, but the way hostage's look of frozen terror goes from part of the tension to sight gag is my favorite part.

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Degan said...

I also love that TM apparently has the word "FIST" tattooed on his fist... he's a very literal guy.