Friday, August 24, 2007

Panel Discussion:
Scans From This Week's Comics

Don't be afraid to click these suckas for hi-res images - also, SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven't read their books yet.

No Comment Award - Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious #1
If our heroes our gonna spend their time together engaging in sexual deviancy, we're going to have to take their crossover privileges away...

Clones, Whitey, Beatdowns and more after the jump!

Coolest New Character - Conall the Beetle, Mouse Guard 1152 #1
Learning how the pseudo-feudal world of Mouse Guard works is one of the most intriguing aspects of the book. Last series we learned that the mice use bees like attack dogs, and now we find that beetles can be kept as pets. Awesome! A look at the official Mouse Guard site reveals that this 5-legged fella has both a name and a sad but sweet back story. Petersen obviously likes the little guy, as Conall injects a bit of humor into the above scene by chewing on one of the little Mouse-Stratego figurines.

NAACP's Exhibit A - The Spirit #9
Old Whitey cheating the Black Man out of what's his.

Attack of the Clones Alert - Blue Beetle #17
AHH! POD PEOPLE! Oh, wait, nevermind - it's just the Teen Titans. I realize that Tim Drake and Jaimie are the same age and have somewhat similar haircuts, but look at that panel - they have the same face! Not to mention the fact that Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Martian Manhuntgirl look like the freakin' Stepford Cuckoos back there. Oy!

The Disney Silly Villain Stamp - Halo: Uprising #1
I cry a little when villains are reduced to comic relief. As I mentioned in my review of this book, I'm not a big Halo player, but... I'm pretty sure the Covenant soldiers don't talk like Homer Simpson.

Best Visual Framing Device - Batman #668
J.H Williams III takes the prize again! This Black Glove Panel vs Bat Panel is so cool and surprising, it makes up for the somewhat confusing sequence of action going on within the panels. Art is not always about functionality, people! The Black Glove is of course the name of the mysterious villain in the current Batman storyline, and this extraordinary splash page makes it clear he's got the, ahem, upper hand.

The James Gorden Sneak 'N' Scare Award - Batman #668
That's some good sneaking, Batman. Bat-Cyclops betta recognize.

Best Calm Before the Storm - In Her Darkest Hour and Mouse Guard: 1152 #1
Two graceful sequences that lull the reader into a sense of calm with their tranquil beauty, only to amp up the action a few panels later. Very well done.

Best Movie Magic - In Her Darkest Hour
Newly discovered artist Fernanda Chiella shows off quite a bag of visual tricks throughout her first published comic, including some nice nice selective-focus panels that mimic the ever popular rack-focus effect in movies.

Beatdown of the Week - Thunderbolts #116
Yoish, this is grisly. Sure, Hellrazor was a little out of line with all his "kid-killer" digs at Penance, but did he really deserve to have his jaw punched off?

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Albo said...

I dislike me some Comic Book depth of field.

Alex said...

Did you see the Justice League/Last Supper panel in Countdown this week? Ridic. All praise Bat-Jesus.

Albo said...

AHR was the half of G'nerd that was buying Countdown, and she may have dropped it... In other news, your blog is hilarious.

AHR said...

Bat Christ? Oh no. No. This means...this means I have to start buying Countdown again.

Just when I thought I was out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN.

Anonymous said...



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