Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Video

Don't be turned off by the really bad name or the fact that it's another WWII FPS (if I were you I would have stopped reading right then, but trust me), Turning Point: Fall of Liberty looks to have a pretty cool premise. Set in an alternate reality 1953 New York, Germans have invaded the Eastern U.S. and are wreaking some serious havoc with a massive airborne blitzkrieg including planes crashing into buildings (still cringe-worthy) and everyone's favorite aircraft that only caught on in alternate realities, zeppelins! You play not a soldier but a concerned citizen who takes it upon himself to repel the invading forces. What excites me is running around the city I live in (circa 1953) while it's getting blown to pieces. And saving it. Which is actually a recurring fantasy of mine. That, and raiding tombs.

Via Kotaku.

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