Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today in Rockefeller Center: The Virtual Open Finals

For the past two days in Rockefeller Center, the Lexus Sponsored Wii Tennis "Virtual Open" has been bringing out the Tri-State gamers with dreams of victory, a sort of nerd doppelganger of the US Open. I'll be checking out the championship match later today, expect analysis and hot pics this evening.

Unlike the excellent and independently produced Wiimbledon, The Virtual Open Finals have not been decided by simple bracket competition, but by a qualifying round where you play the "Returning Balls" mini-game. WHAT?! If I had known that, I woulda gone! I can return serves till the wiimote runs out of batteries, it's that goddamn SERVE that eludes me. But enough about my personal failures.

Geekanerd is admittedly a bit biased against this very corporate event, since we all had such a "ball" at Wiimbledon. It's worth mentioning that the Wiimbledon Champion, Russ Yagoda AKA Luigi, seems to be absent from the Virtual Open finalist board. But the real tragedy is that Geekanerd's own Wii Tennis Prodigy Albo (1st Runner Up at Wiimbledon) was unable to compete, due to a top secret training exercise in the swampland of the southern United States. The unfortunate timing of this excursion has cost the Geekanerd crew our chance at winning an Lexus IS F (what's that? - Ed.) which we would have tricked out to look like the Batmobile. So you'll forgive us if our coverage of this event seems reserved. I already had the decals all ready to go.

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