Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Official Trailer for Super Mario Galaxy is Gorgeous

For all the talk about the Wii not having the graphical chops of the 360 and PS3, Super Mario Galaxy is an incredibly beautiful game. Most of the video we've seen up to this point has been heavily compressed or filmed off of a screen, so this official trailer really blew my eyelids off. Stunning! Note to Nintendo: this is one trailer that really doesn't benefit from having smooth-faced Benetton models smiling while they play. I understand that a game with more Wiimote waggling might need a little illustration of how it's played, but there isn't much of that in Galaxy so all the shiny people look super cheesy.


Scott said...

Eh. I guess the graphics are good, and it's nice they took the pretty boys out of the ad. But I think that's just a little wackier Mario adventure than I am used to. I didn't like Mario on '64, and this looks like that game on baseball juice (I mean steroids). One I wouldn't even rent.

Anonymous said...

Game play is top notch and the graphics solid. Too bad they're REALLY trying to pander for the "wii demographic" of everyone but the hardcore gamers that would want this game.

Anonymous said...