Friday, November 09, 2007

Brian K. Vaughn On The Writer's Strike

Brian K. Vaughn has been a writer for Lost since last season, and had recently been bumped up to co-producer for the new crop of episodes. Now that the writer's strike is on, he's walked away from every Lostie's dream job. On his personal blog, he's posted an excellent FAQ about how the strike will effect not only his work, but the comic industry in general, including some thoughts on the lack of unions in the comic book biz.

Quote of Interest:
"I was also about to begin work on a particularly exciting new comic-to-screen adaptation that I can’t really talk about, and while I’m hopeful the gig will still be waiting for me if/when the strike ends, who knows? That’s one of the many risks that comes with this very necessary strike."

A new BKV comic-to-screen adaptation, eh? He already sold his Y The Last Man and Ex Machina scripts, so does that mean...the long-awaited Runaways movie? If that's the case and the script does get lost in the shuffle of the strike, comic nerds may storm Sumner Redstone's office with themselves.

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Scott said...

I wonder if Late Night with Conan O'Brien is taking "scab" writers.

I could totally amp my comedy game up and put out mad humor to make the nation roll on the floor laughing.