Monday, February 11, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans from The Twelve #2, Detective Comics #841, Amazing Spider-Man #549 and More

Every week we at Geekanerd rip panels from our comics and put them on display here, recognizing the best, worst, and weirdest moments of the week. Click the pics for high res goodness, and beware some major SPOILERS.

Definitive Proof that Jackpot is Not M.J. - Amazing Spider-Man #549
Because Mary Jane is a supermodel, and this girl looks like the thing on the Elmer's Glue bottle.

Scans from The Twelve #2 and Detective Comics #841 after the jump...

(Mis)Adventures in Computer Coloring - Amazing Spider-Man #549
I don't mind a little integration of real world textures into my comic book experience. But for Christ's sake you've gotta make that shit work. Observe:
The reflection of the city is attractive, the warping effect is nice, and apart from the fact that no skyscraper in the world would have window panels that tiny, it's believable.
The reflection on the left is a grainy, pixellated jpeg. In other words, ugmo. The panel on the right totally ignores all common sense you would expect an artist to have about the way reflections work. If you're looking straight down the side of a building, the reflection will be of the street, not the skyline. (He uses the exact same photo for another panel in the book, btw). Who does this joker think he's kidding?

Classic Gags - Detective Comics #841
The setup is this girl is the last member of the new Alice in Wonderland gang to try Bats after he whomped all of the others. This is such a characteristic Paul Dini joke, and that's why I love him. Hats off to artist Dustin Nguyen for communicating a perfectly condescending, skeptical, and kind of sad look through a cowl.

Attack of the Chin - The Twelve #2
Oh my God that is one monstrous chin. It's like Jay Leno mated with a T-Rex and this beast of a man is the offspring.

Saddest Moment Ever II - The Twelve #2
AHR here: While Albo was concerned with the shape of Captain Wonder's head, I was being brought to tears by his absolutely gut wrenchingly sad flashback sequence. Of course, scenes like this are pretty standard for time-travel stories, the scene in The Ultimates when Cap tries to hook up with his old GF come to mind. But this sequence from The Twelve pulls no emotional punches - I was already starting to lose it by the last panels of the first page, thanks to Chris Weston's excellent job with Wonder's tormented facial expressions and the knife-twisting emphasis on the tombstone's grimly ironic epitaph. I never stood a chance against that splash page. Good Lord.

Sweetest Reunion - Nightwing #141
Here's a sentimental chaser after the emotional gutpunch of those last panels. Anyone who's ever put off calling a friend way longer than you realized can relate to this.

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