Monday, February 11, 2008

The Strike's Over, So... Where Are My Flippin' Shows!?

The strike is ovah! There's a vote on Tuesday to decide whether to end it immediately or a little later, but it's definitely at its end. And what now? What's the damage to the current season of your favorite show? Luckily, Great White Snark has put together a comprehensive list of all the shows you could potentially care about and when they'll be back. Sneak peek:
  • LOST - Six "post-strike" episodes to be made, bringing the season total to 14, two less than originally planned.
  • Smallville - 3 to 5 "post-strike" episodes to air in April/May.
  • Heroes - Fall at earliest, but who the F cares anyway?


Some Audio Guy said...

So, WGA is voting, but according to some of my SAG insider friends, the actors are going to be watching VERY closely.
I think there's going to be a very cautious attitude adopted in Hollywood. SAG and AFTRA might dissolve Phase One, which will definitely complicate their negotiations later this year.

I'm hoping the producers got what they needed (dropping expensive show/contracts, cleaning house by firing a ton of folk), because we could be in for another strike later this year.

I wouldn't get TOO attached to any scripted content produced between now and August, LOL!

Albo said...

Jesus. Way to bring me down!