Saturday, June 07, 2008

Video: 2008 Wiimbledon Wii Tennis Tournament

The final serves have been smashed and the final beers have been consumed and after a long hard day of Wiimbledoning we lonely bloggers are back at home licking our wounds and kicking back with a few cilona-extract death sticks. This year's event was great fun. All our old pals from last year were back, but also present was a whole bunch of new blood that absolutely stomped us old-timers into the ground. I don't think a single person in the final eight played in the tournament last year. Last year's champion Russ Yagoda was eliminated in his very first match by John, and Benjamin Melinger, the winner of the Lexus Wii Tennis Virtual Open champion, was defeated in his first match by John's roommate Steve (who also later beat me). So I guess my point is, today was a total shakedown wherein previous titles meant nothing and some real superstars were playing the best Wii Tennis this chump has ever seen.

The top prizes were some sweet bowling-style Wii carrying bags stuffed with games (ooh, how I wanted one!), and there was a big pile of rackets and headbands and shoes and stuff from Prince that were handed out as well. AHR snagged some sweet tennis kicks for being in the right place at the right time with the right sized feet.
Continuing a theme from last year, much of the floor space was taken up by video teams from various media outlets. C|Net, Rocketboom, Jace Hall, Internet Week, Bush League and a bunch more I never identified all had people there to capture the showdown of hipsters and geekanerds. No square media like last year, but that was probably for the best as it felt like a more intimate Brooklyn hoedown without the stuffed shirts prancing around.

Anyway, it was a helluva way to spend a 95-degree Saturday. Props must be given to Lane Buschel and Steve Bryant, the kind gentlemen who made it all happen for no better reason than "why the hell not?". They sure know how to throw a party.

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Jeff said...

Great video, thanks.

mapflex said...

thanks for covering me and my roommate Steve! We were so close to winning it all! We'll be back next year...sporting 135 mph forehands!


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