Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photos: Lost Season Finale Party at the Bell House

Brooklyn's Bell House threw a massive party for the last Lost of 2009. Highlights included big screens, a Lostmobile cake, Dharma Beer, and a huge room full of alternately screaming and shushing fans.

The best part of the night for me was the performance by Previously On Lost, a NYC rock band who's songs are all based on episodes of Lost's 4th and 5th season. They have tons of MP3s on their site that I can't vouch for because I haven't listened to them yet, but I will tell you they f'in KILLED live on stage. Low-grade digital video won't fully express the explosive amounts of fan energy they emitted, but here is a short clip of the final lines from their song about SE04EP08, titled "The Island Won't Let You Die."

Must venture to the temple on your own
will she make it safely to her friends, hey did you hear about the
Palm Tree Massacre
You need to take my hand, he's toast, and on the count of three we'll coast let's go 123

I'm not sure if that clip did them justice. They really were mind blowingly good.

Anyway, check this out!

Who doesn't like Geek Cakes?

Tons of the photos of all that other stuff I mentioned, after the jump....

Previously On Lost t-shirts.

Can you guess which episode they were singing about here?

These fools do it up with rainsticks. Need I say more?

More shots of the cake...

Here's an atmospheric one without the flash...

Let's hear it for the folks at nine cakes!

Filled to capacity.

I said Dharma Beer, and I meant it.


I don't think this was ever actually in Lost.


Nick SantaCroce said...

I am so jealous. I feel like a sucker for spending hours peeling off beer labels and replacing them with photoshopped dharma logos. I didn't even have a VW Bus cake!

Tell those guys to play out west Ana!


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Alysa said...

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Unknown said...

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