Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hey New Yorkers! If you go to Union Square RIGHT NOW, you can find a free custom Dunny by a local artist! There's only one, and I'll tell you right now exactly where it is!

There! That's it! Okay, you need more info? Click the pic for the artists website (UPDATE: The Link is fixed. Hell, just go to He's promised to make this a monthly thing if anyone takes notice, and I can promise you, if that toy isn't gone by 6pm EST, it's mine!

That said, if any Gnerd readers get it, send us a pic, you lucky bastard.

PS: If you're unfamiliar with what a Dunny is, check our photos from last year's Spooky Halloween Custome Toy Show. One of the organizers of that show is the same artist who customized and hid the toy in Union Square.

UPDATE 3:45pm: This just in via our Facebook Friend Feed: Chris M. of Brooklyn just found it! Here's a picture of Mister Speedy McSmugface with his prize.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Panel Discussion: Scans From Thunderbolts, Hack/Slash, Black Lightning and More

Movie Moment - Street Fighter Turbo #3
Here, Mexicano street fighter El Fuerte knocks a frying pan on American Eagle's head, but the fight is resolved because the food is just that freakin' good (also, Native American pride).

We've got some major league Robert Rodriguez fans here at Gnerd, so we were quick to spot this Once Upon A Time In Mexico reference. In that movie, Johnny Depp kills a cook because his spin on this VERY SAME dish is just to damn good to exist.

Writer Ken Siu-Chong must be a Rodgriguez fan, but he's clearly never had the dish in question, cause it's actually spelled Puerco P-I-B-I-L, not P-E-P-I-L. BUSTED! Eh, it's all good ese! Here's the recipe for those of you playing at home, courtesy of the man himself.

Sexy Prezes, Sexy Lezes, Violence, and a Scary Looking Dog, after the jump...

Unnecessary Roughness - Black Lightning #2

This kid isn't like, a child rapist or anything. He's a small time dealer. And here's Black Lightning smashing his face into a window frame not once, but TWICE, before even asking him any questions! That's some Gitmo shit right there. Even Batman usually just hangs people upside down or something.

Project Runway Award - Thunderbolts #128
Whoa! Lookin good, Mister O! Last time we saw the Prez in the Marvel universe, he was looking like a big eared square. Now, he's rocking some sweet shades and even sweeter shading, courtesy of artist Roberto De La Torre. Now that's change I can believe in!

Character of the Week - Pooch, Hack/Slash #19
Ah, Pooch. Over the last year we've come to know and love this dumb, hateful, servile and self pitying little demon horse/dog. But before this issue, we have never understood his most endearing quality; loyalty. Pooch sacrifices himself to a demon asassin to protect his master, his master's friends, and even the other dogs at his master's kennel. He ends up frozen and dying alone on a rock, hoping only that when his master finds him, "he will pet the corpse of his loyal Pooch". Spoiler Alert: Pooch survives, but if he didn't, this would have been a tearjerker to rival this mess.

Beatdown of the Week - Black Lightning #2
Not so much a beatdown, but a single kick that takes out no less than FOUR GUYS!

Banana Randomizer Award for Achievement in WTF - Star Trek: Countdown #1
WHAT?! This is supposed to be a PREQUEL to the Star Trek movie, in which Kirk and co are like, 20-somethings. And here's Data as the CAPTAIN of the Enterprise? And is that Tasha Yar? What? What? Screw this. None of the real Enterprise crew was even in this piece of crap, it was all about some Romulans in their stupid bathrobes. Uch. Tie-Ins at their worst, right here.

Wait, What? - Hack/Slash #19

This is hot, but why has Margaret never kissed a girl before? I thought she was a lesbian. CASSIE is the one who has never kissed a girl before. No? Is this an editorial mistake, or did I miss something? Either way, hot.

Most Extreme Foreshortening - Thunderbolts #128
This is almost some cool Aeon Flux looking stuff going on here...but man she's got a big head.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dying Artforms: The Best Left 4 Dead Fan Art On The Web

Remember how much we at Geekanerd love Portal? Sure you do. Well, for the past few months, we've devoted a sizable fraction of that love to Valve's newest venture, Left 4 Dead. Perhaps you've heard of it.

While I would not attempt to try to recreate the monument of fandom that is Portal Authority, I've been looking at so much Left 4 Dead fan art in the last few days, I find it's necessary to share the highlights as a service to you, the reader.

First up, an adorable Hunter jumping an adorably oblivious Louis. This is from DeviantArtist Slushy-man's spin on Left 4 Dead DeviantArt meme, a source of endless fun.

Scary zombies, cute zombies, animated zombies, sexy zombies, and PEELS, after the jump...

Apparently this is this whole subculture of geek icons rendered in crochet...and windgie79 posted these Left 4 Dead "super zombies" on the messageboard. As much as I like to see zombie bile rendered in yarn, I would pay cash money for that lil Hunter on my desk. I would throw it at my roommates EVERY DAY.

I think we've all been here. From SAsukaLangley's L4D meme.

These are only two female characters in L4D. Here is them kissing, courtesy of Bar1Scorpio. For more Zoe/Witch escapades, check out this Nyoro meme comic by DDRshaman38. No pron, sorry.

Here's yet more Zoe/Witch BFFness...although if you read the full comic by Fishgut-San, you'll see it's all just part of a cunning plan.

Part of the LD4 meme is drawing yourself as your favorite character. This is a nice take on Zoe, and bonus points to artist Lauren for so subtly weaving in the Peelz Meme.

Speaking of the Peelz Meme...

Impressive work by CosmicD. The best part of this is the first 40 seconds. I'm thinking using the "Pills Here!" chorus as the backing track for my yet-to-be-written L4D rap.

Grabbin' seels. And if you think that's a misspelling, you need to brush up on your Pokerap.

Just a snippet from one of the better L4D comics I've seen. He's got a pretty good command of the survivor's personalities, and Louis's plan made me LOL. Read the whole thing at Sean's DA Page.

Are you noticing that there's a lot of really simple art here? You can't deny this scene from Wibbletfish has personality.

This is evidence if a disturbed and brilliant mind. "The Left For Deadfast Club", via Visually Pink. I have to include the artist's captions as well.

Thomas the Tank - A star football quarterback, likes throwing shit.

Bobby "Boomer" - Awkward fat kid, always sick, but when he's around, he really gets the party started.

Smokin' Sam - Weird smoking dude, always doing his own thing in the corner. Might get lung cancer or something worse one day.

Whitney - Quiet, sad girl. Always down for some reason. The boys don't know how to deal with her, so they just leave her alone.

Hunter - Sharp, quick kid. Don't know why he dresses like that - you look like a hoodlum, boy. >:/

Bright kids, with a bright future!! What lies in store for them!? Only time will tell!!


Chibi-tastic cartoon, by Brad Redfield. People seem to really feel for the witch. I think perhaps there is a bit of The Witch in all gamers.

Beavotron has made a whole series of nerdy valentine cards, including one for each Special Infected. This is my favorite, because it's the only one that reaches it's full PUNtential (dies).

There are tons upon tons of these fan created "movie" posters, and almost all of them are terrible. I like this one by Naruzap, because the title is PUNderful and I'd love to see zombie congressmen.

This post has been a little Cute Overload for the most part, so here are some distressing images to close...

Not everyone survives a campaign. "Zoey's Final Moment" by Xerios.

And probably comes as a surprise to no one that there is a definite trend towards Smoker smex in fan art, combining the fun of tentacle rape with the emo-ness of necrophilia. Can't wait for those keyword searches to roll in. Oy. It's unavoidable on L4D fan art searches, so here are two relatively inoffensive examples.

Zoe is the focus of most of this stuff...poor girl.

OTP indeed. Seeing Francis like this is really upsetting. From super Smoker fan, Queen DeDeDe's meme.

Ahah, shoe's on the other foot now! Also by Queen DeDeDe.

Sorry to subject you to that, dear readers. Here some excellent non-sexual Smoker art by Browning43 to get that, ahem, taste out of your mouth. Uch. It's late.

HALLOWEEN UPDATE: This year Gnerd editor Degan went ahead and made a Smoker pumpkin. We've even got the stencils posted on our Halloween wrap-up, go check it out!

That's it for now. If I missed anything insanely brilliant, hit us up. I've got to go get my Zoey costume ready for ComicCon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Watchmen News Program-Viral Marketing at its Best!

If you haven't heard, the legal troubles concerning the Watchmen movie have finally been settled... So the original release date of March 6th is still on! Hurray for timely disappointment! Anyhow, a short week after the legal troubles were settled, this "authentic" news program from the Watchmen universe's 70s appeared on the net. And its pretty cool-check it out for yourself! One more note, we commented in an earlier post that the shot of Doc Manhattan disassembling the tank looked pretty cheesy... well it looks considerably better on deteriorated film on 70s era video.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wide World of Geeky TV Fanart

Simpsons by Spacecoyote

Hey so you guys remember fanart right? Of course you do, half of you had a geocities website with all your crudely drawn pictures loaded up for everyone (read: no one) to see! These days with sites like deviantart and people knowing how to actually create non-tripod webpages and blogs fanart is all the more available. Well I decided to scrounge around the net and see what the current fan art for some of the great geeky shows looks like. Here's a sampling of what I found, some good, some...not so good, and some just plain strange. Enjoy!

-And for the record, nothing after the jump is NSFW, trust me, I came upon way too many of those types of images to count and had no intention of putting them up here. But yeah, thanks internet, I really could have gone without seeing some of that stuff.-

First up,
Battlestar Galactica

Nice trio of Starbuck, the Admiral and the Prez by Gould.

A couple of the Simpsonized BSG characters you may have seem floating around via Dylan Meconis.

Moving on, here's a smattering of some Mythbusters art:

The whole gang by Brian Prindville.

Adam and Jamie by Digital Duckie. Please note Adam's lovely pink underpants.

The duo again by Bill Drastal.

Heroes, anyone?

A lovely sketch card selection by crisishour. Bennet shot though the eye is always a fun image.

Here's Bennet alive and well via acidburn133, I prefer shot through the eye.

Nice rendition of the lovely Kristen Bell by scorch-d.

Goddamn that's some blood. Isaac by harbek. And speaking of blood, how about some brutal Metalocalypse art:

umm, yeah actually this is pretty character accurate for Toki.

The band by Chronofiend. Man Muderface looks even uglier, if possible.

Time for some Veture Bros.

Yes, awesome, always love when The Monarch looks badass.

Uh, woah, what the crap? Terrifying image brought to you by Spookychan.

Also ATHF:

Aqua Teens as real people, somehow not that much less creepy.

Another version of the force as humans, slightly less unnerving.

Okay see now here's where we go wrong, (or oh so hilariously right). Carl, as two characters from the anime Inu Yasha. Hilarious. Terrifying.

Now for some randoms:

Twin Peaks fan art? Yes, thank you Johanna.



Someone might like Jon Stewert just a little too much...maybe. We forgive you Carts, because it's an excellent rendition you've done.

Cowboy Bebop + Pulp Fiction = good fanart by ek

Cowboy Bebop/Fear and Loathing mix by ek.

A little Firefly courtesy of Kristele.

House NO! Why would you choke Gordon Freeman?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

I'm not even that...Reboot and Zelda combined?

Oh hi Brendon Small, you're looking a little out of sorts today....

Not so much a nerdy show, but the Star Wars reference gives it a whole bag of win.

Okay so lastly, here's a ton of Futurama art I grabbed because well, it's so awesome:

League of Extrodinary Gentlemen/Futurama by loeg.

Claw Plagh! by spacecoyote.

The whole gang by spacecoyote.

Beck and Bender, again by spacecoyote.

SD Fry and Leela.

Futurama as the cast of Fifth Element. I'd watch it.

Fry playing the holophoner.

Fry and Leela ala Star Wars. It's a popular movie to mash with.

Badass rendition of the PE crew as if they were real people. Damn Zoidberg is terrifying.


Well that's it for today. I'll have to maybe do some more of these, anyone for a roundup of geeky tattoos?